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I have recently begun publishing a number of art and painting-related tutorials on-line, to help other artists improve their work and discover new methods of painting. If interested, I hope you find the information in these articles useful to you.

Creating a Classical Still Life Oil Painting

Getting Started with Oil Painting: Recommended Materials and References

How to Color a Black & White Painting

How to Glaze a Painting

How to Mix a Flesh Color with Watercolors

How to Mix Colors for Metals in Oil Paint

How to Oil Paint for Beginners

How to Paint in the Flemish Technique

How to Paint with Pointillism

How to Prepare a Reference Photo for Painting

How to Prepare a Store Bought Canvas for Oil Painting

How to Splatter Watercolor Paint

Information on Different Types of Oil Painting

Oil Painting Techniques for Hair

Paint a Portrait Like a Renaissance Master

Painting From Photographs: How to Achieve More Realistic Results

Reproducing an Old Master Portrait Painting

Steps to Painting Reflections in the Water

Techniques for How To Use a Pencil in Art

Using Grisaille and Glazing Techniques to Reproduce an Old Master Painting

What is Verdaccio and How to Use it in Your Paintings

Why Reproducing Art is An Important Learning Tool For Artists

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